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Design & Build

Waknine Construction is always here and willing to help you build your dream home or business structure. We can support you and be your partner when it comes to the building layout of your structural project.

Our Dedication and Promise

Waknine Construction, with its dedicated team, will provide you the best design and build service that a reputable construction firm offers to its valued customers. We will help you in facilitating your project in a very systematical way. As the general contractor of your project, we will be supervising the entire aspects of your project. We also provide a concept, the scope of work, action plan and timeline to make sure that your project will be completed successfully on time.

We Help You Save Time

Our capacity to understand your needs comes along with project management. Whether your project is about to construct a new building or home or to expand and improve the existing structure, you can always be sure that Waknine Construction will respond to all of your needs as we give our very best to meet what you expect.

To make sure that the project will be done on time, we encourage and help our clients in making a plan for the project. It involves the following aspects:

  • The creation of the project idea
  • Create and produce a scope of budget and work
  • Make a plan of action
  • The schedule of your project
  • Design & specify every finish product like flooring and lighting
  • Design custom built-in components and cabinetry

We Help You Avoid Wasting of Time

Our expertise, knowledge and guidance when combined will be a very powerful instrument that we use to assist our clients in avoiding costly mistakes. We act as the representative for our clients to ensure that desirable results will be met.

We Make Your Life Simple

Waknine Construction can support you concerning your project’s timeline. We are always here to lend a helping hand to you. Together, we and you will be able to come up with informed decisions that will lead your project into a success.

Whether your project is large or small, you can always be sure that Waknine Construction can give you the best build + design service that you deserve. Our dedicated team will help you paint your ideas into reality; just let us know what you desire for your project and leave to us the entire process.