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When you consult a residential or hotel building company, you’ll initially deal with project development. We will ask for your ideas about what you really want to have. If you’re just building your home or hotel with the consideration of your estimated project cost, our architects can help you plan a property with the amount of capital that you’re willing to invest.

On the other hand, if you already have the blueprint of the hotel or residence that you want to put up, we can be the firm you can rely on for the construction materials and manpower needed to complete the project.





Over the years, commercial construction has been the essence of Waknine Construction. With years of expertise and experience in this field, we have the necessary resources to undertake most jobs and with unparalleled expertise in commercial building construction.

From Pre-Construction to Completion

You can count on Waknine Construction to handle all aspects of the project, which include preconstruction, risk management, project management self perform services, legal and safety services – All these in order to ensure that you receive the best from every dollar you spent.


Waknine Construction - leader in Quality, Affordability & Innovation!

Waknine Construction is always here and willing to help you build your dream home or business structure. We can support you and be your partner when it comes to the building layout of your structural project.

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